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Maxine Lapiduss is an award-winning TV comedy writer/show runner, business strategist, and experience curator.

Hillary Carlip is a best-selling author of five books, a digital innovator, and a visual artist with works in permanent museum collections.

Having lived in Los Angeles for decades, Maxine and Hillary yearned to spend more time in nature, and in 2022, the couple purchased the DD Ranch just south of Santa Fe at the foot of Lone Butte that’s visually breathtaking, creatively inspiring, and spiritually revitalizing.

As caretakers of this sacred space, the pair have spent the last year and a half transforming their ranch into a unique, modern destination for well-being, inspiration, celebration, special events, and retreats.

Their desire to always take the road less traveled has led the duo to create unusual curated day trips near the ranch that focus on local cuisine, culture, and neighboring animals and offerings.

Nothing gives them more pleasure than sharing their special finds or hosting intimate gatherings to socialize and share their newly adopted ranch lifestyle with family and friends.


The Rancho Alegre area (also known as San Marcos) is an up and coming community just South of Santa Fe. There are boutique and eco-ranch hotels, as well as great dining, coffee, and shopping options nearby.


  • 18 minutes to Santa Fe Plaza
  • 15 minutes to Madrid, NM.
  • 55 minutes to Albuquerque Airport


  • 11 minutes to Albertson's Supermarket, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Sprouts, Target, and other chain stores
  • 2 minutes to Mortenson Silver and Saddles


  • 2 minutes to San Marcos Feed Store
  • 2 minutes to Beer Creek Brewing Company

The beautiful Ojo Spa and restaurant are 10 minutes away, and just next door lives your new best friend (and TV star!) Clyde the Buffalo.