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Trudi Roth Bio

Trudi Roth

Trudi Roth is a bona fide Valley Girl—totally a TruStory; she lives in the San Fernando Valley just blocks from where Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Valley Girl were filmed. You might know her, too, from the special guest star appearances she makes on J. Thorn’s Gen X is Best newsletter as Scrunchie Girl.

Meanwhile, in her grown-up life, Trudi is a weekly contributor to the newsletter Further and has written nearly 250 articles on middlescence and the art of evolving and thriving in your 50s and beyond. She’s also a ghostwriter (she’d tell you who she writes for, but she’d have to kill you), content marketer, reformed mommy blogger, reformed YouTuber, and (semi-)reformed air guitarist. Oh, and she teaches Vedic Meditation, which is lucky because, as it turns out, Gen Xers like to meditate. (Yo, almost 40% of us do the chillaxing deed weekly! Must’ve been all those trippy Saturday morning cartoons, the copious dime bags of weed we went through, or both.)

While Trudi has plenty of Gen X cred from early jobs, notably as a sleepaway camp counselor (a job she considers her dharma ;), she is a full-time writer and owner of It’s the TruStory content marketing agency, co-creator of The Shakti Sisters meditation, and a partner in Movement Ventures, home of the Leading Expert community, which she co-leads. Thanks to having the maturity level of a 15-year-old boy, Trudi rocks an effortless youthful glow and is thrilled to be co-leading with J. this incredible journey back to the future, aka GenXcape.