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J. Thorn Bio

J. Thorn

J. Thorn is a totally rad dude that you might know by his double secret newsletter, Gen X is Best, where he writes under one of his many nom de plumes, Mullet Boy. Or, you might have read one of the 25 books he’s written and sold worldwide. Spielbergian in his art, J. writes extensively in the horror and sci-fi genres and has the cred to prove it as an official member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, the Horror Writers Association, and the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers.

J. co-founded the Writers, Ink podcast and has interviewed some of today's most successful Gen X authors, including Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Howey, Andy Weir, Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks, Chuck Palahniuk (technically a boomer, but he did write Fight Club so he’s clearly one of us), and many more. 

While J. has plenty of Gen X cred from early jobs, notably a stint as a fry cook at a Bonanza Steakhouse, he is a full-time writer, founder of The Author Life Community,  part-time professor at John Carroll University, podcaster, FM radio DJ, musician, and owner of the Three Story Method Editing Agency. Thanks to his enviable mane, J. can still rock a flannel like nobody’s business, which he will undoubtedly do frequently during J. & Trudi’s Excellent Adventure, aka GenXcape.